Introducing CardioCel 3D®, the latest ground-breaking product using our clinically-superior ADAPT® technology

Offering patients the long-term health benefits of ADAPT® treated tissue, CardioCel 3D® is at the cutting-edge of cardiovascular science; its unique pre-shaped curve provides physicians immediate access to a clinically-superior, off-the-shelf, optimised arch reconstruction solution with non-antigenic response and unique calcification resistance.

CardioCel 3D® represents a disruptive technology in the high-complexity congenital defect repair space. Current alternative products are limited in their abilities to meet all patient and physician needs, often requiring compromises in terms of clinical benefit and outcome.

With CardioCel 3D® such trade-offs are not required; surgeons can achieve a more natural shape, allowing for optimal compliance and dynamics, while simultaneously providing the superior clinical benefits of our ADAPT® technology to deliver transformative healing.

CardioCel 3D is currently only FDA cleared in the US and Canada.

CardioCel 3D®

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