ambIT®Infusion Pumps – Medication delivery and pain relief

The range of ambIT® infusion pumps are suitable for the delivery of medications and pain relief. Reusable and singe use devices are available to enhance patients’ comfort mobility.

Small and lightweight Volumetric accuracy of +/-6% Easy to use Digital LCD screen Infusion history reports
PUMP MODEL DESCRIPTION Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) The innovative ambIT® PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) infusion pump provides a simple, accurate, cost-effective solution for all types of post-operative local anesthetic infusions. It has a volumetric accuracy of +/-6, ensuring that the infusion therapy prescribed is what the patient actually receives. Reusable PCA has three profiles: basal only, basal plus patient controlled bolus (0-20ml) and basal plus bolus. PreSet The ambIT® PreSet™, through collaboration with physicians,has added a faster and easier way to program with four pain management protocols to choose from, with a fifth option to customize your own. The two step process is easy: simply select a program and set the volume. The protocols are conveniently located on the back of the pump. You will see your patients move from the OR to recovery and home quickly and easily. Single use PCA for surgical site infusions and continuous regional nerve blocks. Choice of PreSet programs plus the flexibility to choose your own. Continuous The ambIT® Continuous Infusion Pump has the capacity to deliver higher infusion rates, putting it in the same arena as high-end, high-cost pumps without the potential complications which may stem from unnecessary features and immobility. As a durable reusable product, the ambIT® Continuous pump has been designed to eliminate mechanical maintenance and calibration expenses. Patients can easily carry the lightweight portable ambIT® while receiving accurate infusion therapy. Delivers higher infusion rates up to 120ml/hr suitable for chemotherapy, anaesthesia, low-flow hydration, antibiotics and palliative care. PIB•PCA The ambIT® PIB•PCA Pump has three modes for surgical site infusions, regional nerve blocks and IV PCA delivery.(1) PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) with basal rate and optional patient-controlled bolus(2) PIB (Programmable Intermittent Bolus) with regularly occurring doses of medication(3) PIB + PCA (Combined PCA and PIB) with regularly occurring doses of medication and manual bolus option

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