arcomed ag Infusion Systems – PREMIUM LINE

The Premium generation arcomed infusion pump is successfully used in ICU, Paediatric and Neonatology departments as well as for the most complex applications in anaesthesia for TCI or TIVA, patient controlled pain management and even patient controlled sedation and, last but not least , in ambulances and for the simplest applications in general wards.

Compact and robust built, identical design and functionality for both syringe and volumetric pump.

Clear and bright display.

Simple, safe and intuitive, menu driven handling, flexible set-up.

Fast start-up for all applications.

Drug-dose-calculation with dose error reduction system.

TCI option: Marsh, Schnider and Minto protocols.

PCA option: easy to set up and customised protocol, integrated lock with password and handy patient button.

All-In-One Pump

Intensive Care


Anaesthesia TCI/TIVA

Pain Management

Enteral Feeding

General Ward

Labour Ward


Volumed® µSP6000 Chroma

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