Springfusor®  Low cost, non-sterile, reusable pump

The Springfusor® syringe infusion pump is a low cost, non-sterile, reusable pump that requires no programming or external power source. When used in conjunction with FCT’s, the Springfusor is intended to provide constant Intravenous (IV), Subcutaneous (SC) or Intramuscular (IM) infusions at the specified flow controlled rate of the device. There is no provision for the end user to programme the Springfusor to alter the manufacturer’s set flow rate.

The Springfusor® system is lightweight and portable, can be worn around the patient’s neck or strapped to their arm to improve mobility during treatment, allows inpatients and outpatients to be ambulatory and requires no power source.

Available models are the Springfusor 10, Springfusor 30 and Springfusor 50.

FCT Flow Rates


SF10 SF30FCT 30ml in 5 minutes
FCT 10ml in 5 minutes FCT 30ml in 5 minutes
FCT 10ml in 15 minutes FCT 30ml in 15 minutes
FCT 10ml in 30 minutes FCT 30ml in 30 minutes
FCT 10ml in 60 minutes FCT 30ml in 60 minutes
FCT 10ml in 2 hours FCT 30ml in 2 hours
FCT 10ml in 4 hours FCT 30ml in 4 hours

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Download Springfusor® Brochure

Click here download the Springfusor® Brochure