ADAPT® products – sold globally (subject to regulatory approval) under the product names CardioCel, CardioCel Neo, CardioCel 3D and VascuCel – are currently used by surgeons around the world to treat patients with congenital heart defects and those in need of heart valve, vessel and cardiovascular repairs.

Tissue bio-implants developed using the ADAPT® tissue engineering process more closely mimic the characteristics of normal human tissue which promotes a more tolerant immune response with improved tissue ingrowth.

Tissue exposed to the ADAPT® process has been shown to have significantly improved functionality and lasting durability.

With the potential for a product lifespan free from calcification, clinicians can potentially intervene across a broader age spectrum and provide their patients with a solution for life.

Our flagship product, CardioCel®, an implantable bio-prosthetic patch, is currently delivering positive health outcomes for patients in more than 135 global centres in Europe, US, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Middle East.

It has regulatory approval for sale in Europe, North America, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, India and the Middle East and North Africa Region. CardioCel® is also available under the special access scheme in Australia and other select countries.

We also offer a range of high quality infusion solution and medical products to help facilitate efficient patient pain management, mobility and discharge.

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Case Study

Trans-annular patch with Monocusp made with CardioCel™ Adapted Collagen Scaffold used for Repair of SupraValvar and SubValvar Pulmonary Stenosis
By Toshiharu Shinoka, M.D., Columbus, Ohio, USA.

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