Admedus is committed to improving healthcare outcomes for patients worldwide through research, innovation and the development of next-generation medical technologies.

Admedus is excited by science. We love innovation. And never shy away from a challenge.

Our proprietary ADAPT® technology was invented by Admedus VP Cardiovascular Science, Professor Leon Neethling, a renowned pioneer of research and development in his field.

Primarily used in restorative structural heart repair and reconstruction, ADAPT® biomaterial scaffolds offer superior resistance to calcification with more than nine years of clinical evidence showing no degradation or calcification.

The potential of this technology is almost beyond measure, as we constantly look to evolve its purpose and application.

All Admedus ADAPT® products are manufactured in, and distributed from, our state-of-the-art biomanufacturing facility which has substantial capacity to expand and includes an in-house research and development laboratory.

Like our ADAPT® products, we’re always looking for new opportunities to grow, expand and transform our business with a range of exciting development projects always underway.


Our Tissue Engineering division uses the proprietary ADAPT® technology to produce implantable bio-scaffolds for use in various cardiovascular and vascular repair applications. ADAPT® technology provides unparalleled resistance to calcification, delivering transformative repair with long-term durability that enables native cells to successfully grow and differentiate through the entire repair, without calcification or toxicity.