It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of the Admedus blog.

Information is an important aspect of the specialist healthcare service we provide. Whether it’s information about the range of medical devices Admedus has on market or those projects in development, to healthcare providers or for investors. Quality communication and engagement with our stakeholders is vital to our ongoing success and contributes enormously toward improving patient outcomes with medicines and medical technologies.

Over the past year Admedus has recognised and embraced the value of digital communication, implementing a multichannel social media strategy to complement and amplify our relationship and engagement with the global community and support best practice in investor relations. The Admedus blog makes up an essential element of this foundation, supporting and augmenting the website as the primary anchor for information.

The blog’s role is to serve as an opportunity to keep our stakeholders informed and to provide an insight into the latest Admedus developments, milestones, research, people, technologies and industry news. Featured on this blog will be posts about many aspects of the business, including our Regenerative Medicine and Immunotherapy programmes as well as our lead regenerative tissue product CardioCel and its applications in treating congenital heart defects and reconstructing heart valves.

During the coming months, we invite you to explore the work we do at Admedus via our website, the blog, our social media channels or in person at global medical meetings and investor roadshows. We are delighted that you have chosen to follow our progress as we endeavour to develop solutions for some of the world’s most serious unmet clinical needs, ultimately improving the lives of patients and their families.

Stay tuned for most posts to come.

Managing Director